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About A Girl


Producer: Janey de Nordwall
Director: Brian Percival
Writer: Julie Rutterford

Synopsis: This is a film about a girl experiencing the hopes and dreams of an average working class teenager in Britain.

We were amazed when we saw how many people were affected by our 2001 film: About a Girl, which went on to win the BAFTA for Best Short. It is widely recognised as one of the best short films of all time, finding an audience worldwide on the Cinema16 and BFI Moving Shorts series.

As film-makers, we received a huge amount of press due to its success; if it had been associated with a charity at the time then they too would have benefited from this PR.

The film is still shown on the BBC Film Network website with this poignant comment on the message board showing that ‘About a Girl’, almost ten years later, still manages to touch audiences…

“this film is strong and meaningful, from the age of 13 I also had ambition and dreams to prove to people that I could do it.. my parents are exactly the same, push you to one side with a bag of chips and a can of coke. It’s [sic] hard when you cant [sic] talk to someone”.


BBC Film Network don’t have exact viewing figures for About A Girl, however they estimate that viewings for their most popular shorts (of which this is one) average at around 25,000 per month meaning a prospective audience of well over 300,000 in a year. When you consider that is only one online channel, the numbers become huge.